A Season to Celebrate

We are come to worship him - Matthew 2:2

We are come to worship him - Matthew 2:2

Have you begun your Christmas shopping yet? Have you begun making plans for the holidays? Will those plans include spending some time celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ? 

For many, celebrations will abound. There will be school programs to attend, work related Christmas parties, and festive gatherings with family and friends. For others, sadly there will be no celebrations. Instead they will find this to be a lonely and depressing time of the year.

Whether it's a festive time or lonely time of year for you, we would like to invite you to join us every Sunday as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We're keeping the celebrations simple and you will find it to be a warm and inspiring Christmas atmosphere and most importantly it will allow you some time to slow down and reflect upon the incredible hope we have in Christ. 

Merry Christmas and see you soon.