Renew Me

At this time of year many people begin their spring garden work. I'm sure buckets will be filled with dead leaves and overgrown weeds that invaded the garden during the winter months. Perhaps uprooted plants will need to be replanted as well.

Is it possible that God has to do some weeding and replanting in our hearts this spring?

Consider the following questions. Is it possible your prayer life has dried up and withered over the winter months? Is your faith collapsing because of unanswered prayers? Have any weeds of sin grown in your heart and mind? Have any seeds of God's Word fallen by the wayside because you were not paying attention?

As winter comes to a close and spring arrives, perhaps it would be a good time to ask God to renew you. Then as you ask, allow Him to pull up those sinful weeds, replant those uprooted godly attitudes, and revive your withered prayer life.

You could even follow the pattern of David's prayer in Psalms 51:10,12. In other words, you could ask the Lord to, "create...renew...restore...uphold...." You'll have to read the verses on your own to gain more details behind those words. But in closing, remember, our need for renewal is not a one time need, it's a frequent need. Therefore, it is one we should consistently ask the Lord to provide. And guess what? He will provide it.