To: Jesus, From: You

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Is Jesus on your list of those you will give a gift to this Christmas season?

Do you know what He wants and do you know how you could present your gift to Him? It’s definitely not too early to begin thinking about that, and here’s a hint; what Christ would like is not found in any store. Therefore, you won’t have to stand in any long lines. All you need to do is join us at Urban Community Baptist Church this Sunday at 12:00 pm to begin determining what you could give to Jesus Christ this holiday season.

Beginning this Sunday November 24th, 2013.

Pathfinders Bible Classes & Fellowship at 10:30 am

A great opportunity to learn, grow, and fellowship. Don’t miss it!

Main Worship Service at 12:00 pm

A time to gather together with your church family to worship God & hear from His Word.

Wednesdays in the Word at 7:00 pm

A refreshing time of Bible study, prayer, & fellowship in the middle of your week. Why not take advantage of it?