Hope Restored

"Hope: a trusting expectation that God is going to keep His Word." (Anonymous) Are you a hopeful person? Do you live each day with a, "trusting expectation that God is going to keep His Word?" 

For two of the Lord Jesus' followers an excursion to Emmaus filled with sadness and hopelessness concluded with a return trip to Jerusalem filled with joy and hope (you can read about this excursion in Luke 24:13-35).

But again, what about you? are you feeling gloomy and hopeless these days? Then why not allow the risen Lord Jesus Christ to restore your joy and hope? How you ask? By simply doing the following:

  1. Tell Him. He already knows how you're feeling anyway and He's not ignoring you. In fact He wants to hear from you. It's true, Jesus really does want you to tell Him all about your gloomy feelings (Jeremiah 33:3).
  2. Listen to Him. As you discuss your feelings with Christ, make sure you listen as well. Turn to God's Word - the Bible - and heed it's instructions and that, "trusting expectation that God is going to keep His Word" will increase (Romans 10:17).
  3. Finally, invite Him into your gloominess. Don't be like the church in Laodicea and keep the Lord on the outside of your life. He wants in and will gladly enter if you will open your heart's door to Him (Revelation 3:20). If you let Christ in, the situation you're facing may not appear more hopeful, but your heart will become more joyful and hopeful. That's a promise.