What Needs to Change?

Jacob's life story vividly proves the truth taught in Galatians 6:7 - we reap what we sow. It wasn't Jacob's surroundings or circumstances that needed to change; it was Jacob who needed to change. In fact that is exactly what God was working hard at doing in his life - changing the man.

I wonder how often we're exhausted because we're working so hard to change our circumstances or surroundings, when it's actually us who needs to undergo a major transformation. Never forget that all trials are filtered by God to change us for the better (see James 1:1-5). But don't we expend so much energy wishing everybody and everything around us would change?

Peace and joy will bypass us if that is our constant wish.

The spiritual refreshment we so often crave these days will only be enjoyed when we stop wishing so hard for external changes and begin praying about the internal changes God is trying to make in us. In fact, many of us probably need to stop working in the energy of our flesh to bring about our desired changes, and begin submitting to God and allowing Him to transform us as He deems best. Remember the principle of Galatians 6:7. Remember Jacob.

So what wish do you possess that could be draining you of joy and peace? Have you been busy trying to stay in control of your circumstances and surroundings? What God-designed changes are you fiercely resisting? How much longer do you think you can hold up working and resisting so hard? Wouldn't it be more relaxing to rejoice in the Lord and submit to His master craftsmanship in your life?