Are You Hiding?


Would you like to see your walk with God move forward this year? If so, then you must honestly answer a very serious question: am I willing to come clean of all known sin? 

Your answer to that question is imperative because God's Word reveals that concealed sin is a massive roadblock that will prevent forward movement. Hidden sin can and will prevent you from personally advancing in 2017, for you see Proverbs 28:13 states, He that covereth his sins shall not prosper....

However, a visit to the Garden of Eden reveals that it's not only sin itself we can attempt to cover. Just like Adam and Eve whenever we're the culprit of sin we may actually try to hide ourselves from God's presence as well. 

Ashamed of their sin, Adam and Eve attempted to hide when God came calling in the garden. But how does one successfully hide from God? Actually it's impossible because He sees all things and all people (Proverbs 15:3). Therefore, Adam and Eve were engaged in an impossible activity when they attempted to conceal themselves behind the trees that day. And it's just as impossible for any of us to successfully remain hidden from the all-seeing eyes of God.

But it's not only impossible, it's also not productive. How can a person actually move forward in their walk with God if they are playing a lifelong game of hide-and-seek with Him? There's no way a person can be walking with God and hiding from Him at the same time. Think of it this way, you're either walking with Him and moving forward or you're hiding from Him and not moving forward. Or at least you're not moving forward in the right direction.

Which is it for you...walking or hiding? Which would you like it to be? If you say, you would like to be sure you are walking with God and moving forward with Him, then why not take some time to honestly answer God's question He asked Adam, "Where art thou?" Then, just like Adam come on out of your hiding and come clean of all your sin.