Are You Moping? Part 2

In the previous article we saw Elijah get locked in a gloomy prison and fearfully run away. He moved when God did not tell him to move. And he didn't merely run across town either. He ran several hundred kilometres away from wicked Queen Jezebel.

Now let's be fair on the man of God. He was understandably exhausted and God even took some time to refresh His servant (1 Kings 19:5-8). 

However, in his exhausted condition Elijah told the Lord he had had enough. His exact words were, "it is enough; now, O LORD..." (see 1 Kings 19:4). He had been on the move and consistently confronting the idolatry of his day. Nobody except his personal servant stood beside him on Mount Carmel and though the miracle of the fire was amazing; when it was over Elijah had to perform the most unpleasant task of executing the false prophets. No wonder he felt like he couldn't take anymore.

Do you ever feel like you cannot take anymore? Like Elijah have you ever told God, "it is enough?" 

It's quite common to feel that way when you're moping. However, the truth is, God knows better than you do whether or not you've had enough. He has even promised that He will never permit you to bear more than you're able (see 1 Corinthians 10:13). 

So, if you find yourself moping around feeling as though you just cannot take one more thing, I'd like to encourage you to press on by faith in God's promise. If you doubt the validity of His promise, finish reading the account of Elijah and you'll discover that God allowed him to continue on. Therefore, He can enable you to continue on.